Human Computer Interface for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM V - Comp/AI&DS - 310245(B)) - Elective I

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Unit I Introduction and Foundation of HCI Foundation : Human Memory. Thinking : Reasoning and Problem Solving, Emotion, Individual Difference, Psychology and design of Interactive systems, The Computer-Text Entry Device, Positioning, Pointing, Display devices, Devices for virtual reality and 3D Interaction, The Interactions-Models of Interaction, Frameworks and HCI, Ergonomics, Interaction styles, Ergonomics, Elements of WIMP Interface, Interactivity, Measurable Human Factors, The context of Interaction. Importance of User Interface : Defining user Interface, Brief History of Human-Computer Interface, Good and Poor Design-Importance of good design. (Chapter - 1) Unit II Human Perspective in Interaction Design Process Know your user/client : Understanding how people interact with computers, Important human characteristics in Design, Human considerations in design of Business systems, Human Interaction speeds, Performance versus Preference, Methods of gaining an understanding of users, Miller’s Law. Design Guidelines : Navigating the interface, Organizing the display, Getting user’s attention, Facilitating data entry. Principles : Determine user’s skill level, Identify the tasks, Choose an interaction style, Natural Language, Eight Golden rules of Interface design, Prevent errors, Ensuring Human control while increasing automation. Theories : Design-by-level, Stages of action, Consistency, Contextual Theories, Dynamic theories. (Chapter - 2) Unit III Interaction Styles and HCI in Software Process Design, Process of Interaction Design. Interaction styles : Command line, Menu Selection, Form fill-in, Direct Manipulation. Graphical User Interface : Unit IV Usability Evaluation and Universal Design Unit V HCI Paradigms Unit VI HCI for Mobile and Handheld devices

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