Web Technology for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM VI - COMP. & TE - SEM - V - AI&DS - 310252)

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Unit I Web Essentials and Mark-up language - HTML The Internet, basic internet protocols, the World Wide Web, HTTP Request message, HTTP response message, web clients, web servers. HTML : Introduction, history and versions. HTML elements : headings, paragraphs, line break, colors and fonts, links, frames, lists, tables, images and forms, Difference between HTML and HTML5. CSS : Introduction to Style Sheet, CSS features, CSS core syntax, Style sheets and HTML, Style rule cascading and inheritance, text properties. Bootstrap. (Chapter - 1) Unit II Client Side Technologies : JavaScript and DOM JavaScript : Introduction to JavaScript, JavaScript in perspective, basic syntax, variables and data types, statements, operators, literals, functions, objects, arrays, built in objects, JavaScript debuggers. DOM : Introduction to Document Object Model, DOM history and levels, intrinsic event handling, modifying element style, the document tree, DOM event handling, jQuery, Overview of Angular JS. (Chapter - 2) Unit III Java Servlets and XML Servlet : Servlet architecture overview, A “Hello World” servlet, Servlets generating dynamic content, Servlet life cycle, parameter data, sessions, cookies, URL rewriting, other Servlet capabilities, data storage, Servlets concurrency, databases (MySQL) and Java Servlets. XML : XML documents and vocabularies, XML declaration, XML Namespaces, DOM based XML processing, transforming XML documents, DTD : Schema, elements, attributes. AJAX : Introduction, Working of AJAX. (Chapter - 3) Unit IV JSP and Web Services JSP : Introduction to Java Server Pages, JSP and Servlets, running JSP applications, Basic JSP, JavaBeans classes and JSP, Support for the Model-View-Controller paradigm, JSP related technologies. Web Services : Web Service concepts, Writing a Java Web Service, Writing a Java web service client, Describing Web Services : WSDL, Communicating Object data : SOAP. Struts : Overview, architecture, configuration, actions, interceptor

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