Soft Computing Techniques for GTU 18 Course (VI - CIVIL/Open Elec.-II - 3160619)

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Soft Computing Techniques for GTU 18 Course SEM. VI ( CIVIL ) Open Elective.-II (3160619) Introduction to Soft Computing : Concept of computing systems, "Soft" computing versus "Hard" computing, Characteristics of Soft computing, Some applications of Soft computing techniques (Chapter - 1) Fuzzy logic : Introduction to Fuzzy logic, Fuzzy sets and membership functions, Operations on Fuzzy sets, Fuzzy relations, rules, propositions, implications and inferences, Defuzzification techniques, Some applications of Fuzzy logic. (Chapter - 2) Genetic Algorithms : Concept of "Genetics" and "Evolution" and its application to probabilistic search techniques, Basic GA framework and different GA architectures, GA operators: Encoding, Crossover, Selection, Mutation, etc. Solving single-objective optimization problems using GAs. (Chapter - 3) Artificial Neural Networks : Biological neurons and its working, Simulation of biological neurons to problem solving, Different ANNs architectures, Training techniques for ANNs, Applications of ANNs to solve some real-life problems. (Chapter - 4) Hybrid Systems : Fuzzy Neural systems, Genetic Fuzzy systems, Genetic Neural system (Chapter - 5)

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