Information Theory & Coding for JNTU-H 18 Course (III - I - CSE/Prof. Elective-I - CS511PE) (Decode)

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Syllabus Information Theory & Coding - (CS511PE) UNIT - I Coding for Reliable Digital Transmission and storage Mathematical model of Information, A Logarithmic Measure of Information, Average and Mutual Information and Entropy, Types of Errors, Error Control Strategies. Source Codes : Shannon-fano coding, Huffman coding (Chapter - 1) UNIT - II Linear Block Codes : Introduction to Linear Block Codes, Syndrome and Error Detection, Minimum Distance of a Block code, Error-Detecting and Error-correcting Capabilities of a Block code, Standard array and Syndrome Decoding, Probability of an undetected error for Linear Codes over a BSC, Hamming Codes. Applications of Block codes for Error control in data storage system. (Chapter - 2) UNIT - III Cyclic Codes : Description, Generator and Parity-check Matrices, Encoding, Syndrome Computation and Error Detection, Decoding, Cyclic Hamming Codes, shortened cyclic codes, Error-trapping decoding for cyclic codes, Majority logic decoding for cyclic codes. (Chapter - 3) UNIT - IV Convolutional Codes : Encoding of Convolutional Codes - Structural and Distance Properties, state, tree, trellis diagrams, maximum likelihood decoding, Sequential decoding, Majority- logic decoding of Convolution codes. Application of Viterbi Decoding and Sequential Decoding, Applications of Convolutional codes in ARQ system. (Chapter - 4) UNIT - V BCH Codes : Minimum distance and BCH bounds, Decoding procedure for BCH codes, Syndrome computation and iterative algorithms, Error locations polynomials for single and double error correction. (Chapter - 5)

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Author: [Dr. J. S. Chitode, P. G. Chilveri] Pages: 124 Edition: 2021 Vendors: Technical Publications