Software Modelling & Architectures for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM VI - COMP/AI&DS - 310254(D)) - Elective - II

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Unit I Concepts of Software Modeling Software Modeling : Introduction to Software Modeling, Advantages of modeling, Principles of modeling. Evolution of Software Modeling and Design Methods : Object oriented analysis and design methods, Concurrent, Distributed Design Methods and Real - Time Design Methods, Model Driven Architecture (MDA), 4 + 1 Architecture, Introduction to UML, UML building Blocks, COMET Use Case - Based Software Life Cycle. Requirement Study : Requirement Analysis, SRS design, Requirements Modeling. Use Case : Actor and Use case identification, Use case relationship (Include, Extend, Use case Generalization, Actor Generalization), Use case template. (Chapter - 1) Unit II Static Modeling Study of classes (analysis level and design level classes). Methods for identification of classes : RUP (Rational Unified Process), CRC (Class, Responsibilities and Collaboration), Use of Noun Verb analysis (for identifying entity classes, controller classes and boundary classes). Class Diagram : Relationship between classes, Generalization / Specialization Hierarchy, Composition and Aggregation Hierarchies, Associations Classes, Constraints. Object diagram, Package diagram, Component diagram, Composite Structure diagram, Deployment Diagram. (Chapter - 2) Unit IIIDynamic Modeling Activity diagram : Different Types of nodes, Control flow, Activity Partition, Exception handler, Interruptible activity region, Input and output parameters, Pins. Interaction diagram : Sequence diagram, Interaction Overview diagram, State machine diagram, Advanced State Machine diagram, Communication diagram, Timing diagram. (Chapter - 3) Unit IVSoftware Architecture and Quality Attributes Introduction to Software Architecture, Importance of Software Architecture, Architectural Structure and Views. Architectural Pattern: common module, Common component - and - connector, Common allocation. Quality Attributes : Architecture and Requirements, Quality Attributes and Considerations. (Cha

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