Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics For B Pharmacy PCI (VI- BP604T) TCA PHARMA

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UNIT - I Introduction to Biopharmaceutics Absorption; Mechanisms of drug absorption through GIT, factors influencing drug absorption though GIT, absorption of drug from Non per oral extra-vascular routes, Distribution Tissue permeability of drugs, binding of drugs, apparent, volume of drug distribution, plasma and tissue protein binding of drugs, factors affecting protein-drug binding. Kinetics of protein binding, Clinical significance of protein binding of drugs (Chapter - 1) UNIT- II Elimination: Drug metabolism and basic understanding metabolic pathways renal excretion of drugs, factors affecting renal excretion of drugs, renal clearance, Non renal routes of drug excretion of drugs Bioavailability and Bioequivalence: Definition and Objectives of bioavailability, absolute and relative bioavailability, measurement of bioavailability, in-vitro drug dissolution models, in-vitro-in-vivo correlations, bioequivalence studies, methods to enhance the dissolution rates and bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs. (Chapters - 1, 2) UNIT- III Pharmacokinetics: Definition and introduction to Pharmacokinetics, Compartment models, Non compartment models, physiological models, One compartment open model. (a). Intravenous Injection (Bolus) (b). Intravenous infusion and (c) Extra vascular administrations. Pharmacokinetics parameters - KE, t1/2, Vd, AUC, Ka, Clt and CLR definitions methods of eliminations, understanding of their significance and application (Chapter - 3) UNIT- IV Multicompartment models: Two compartment open model. IV bolus Kinetics of multiple dosing, steady state drug levels, calculation of loading and mainetnance doses and their significance in clinical settins. (Chapter - 4) UNIT- V Nonlinear Pharmacokinetics: a. Introduction, b. Factors causing Non-linearity. c. Michaelis-menton method of estimating parameters, Explanation with example of drugs. (Chapter - 5)

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Author: [Nilima A. Chaudhari-Bhadre, Dinesh D. Ghube, Ravi D.Hole, Dr. Vijay V. Navghare] Pages: 310 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications