Internet of Things and Embedded Systems for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM V - COMP. - 310245(A)) - Elective I

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Unit I Introduction to Embedded Systems Definition, Characteristics of Embedded System, Real time systems, Real time tasks. Processor basics : General Processors in Computer Vs Embedded Processors, Microcontrollers, Microcontroller Properties, Components of Microcontrollers, System-On-Chip and its examples, Components of Embedded Systems, Introduction to embedded processor. (Chapter - 1) Unit IIInternet of Things : Concepts Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) : Definition, Characteristics of IoT, Vision, Trends in Adoption of IoT, IoT Devices, IoT Devices Vs Computers, Societal Benefits of IoT, Technical Building Blocks. Physical Design of IoT : Things in IoT, Interoperability of IoT Devices, Sensors and Actuators, Need of Analog / Digital Conversion. Logical Design of IoT : IoT functional blocks, IoT enabling technologies, IoT levels and deployment templates, Applications in IoT. (Chapter - 2) Unit IIIIoT: Design Methodology IoT Design Methodology : Steps, Basics of IoT Networking, Networking Components, Internet Structure, Connectivity Technologies, IoT Communication Models and IoT Communication APIs, Sensor Networks, Four pillars of IoT : M2M, SCADA, WSN, RFID. (Chapter - 3) Unit IVIoT Protocols Protocol Standardization for IoT, M2M and WSN Protocols, RFID Protocol, Modbus Protocol, Zigbee Architecture. IP based Protocols : MQTT (Secure), 6LoWPAN, LoRa. (Chapter - 4) Unit V Cloud Platforms for IoT Software Defined Networking, Introduction to Cloud Storage Models, Communication API. WAMP : Auto Bahn for IoT, Xively Cloud for IoT. Python Web Application Framework : Django Architecture and application development with Django, Amazon Web Services for IoT, Sky Net IoT Messaging Platform, RESTful Web Service, GRPC,SOAP. (Chapter - 5) Unit VISecurity in IoT Introduction, Vulnerabilities of IoT, Security Requirements, Challenges for Secure IoT, Threat Modeling. Key elements of IoT Security : Identity establishment, Access control, Data and message security,

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