Distributed System for GTU 18 Course (VII - CE/CSE - 3170719 - Professional Elective - V)

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1.Fundamentals of Distributed System : Definition of a Distributed System, Goals of a Distributed System, Types of Distributed Systems, Basics of Operating System and Networking. (Chapter - 1) 2.Basics of Architectures, Processes, and Communication : Architectures - Types of System Architectures, Self Management in Distributed Systems; Processes - Basics of Threads, Virtualization, Roles of Client and Server, Code Migration; Communication - Types of Communications, Remote Procedure Calls, Message-Oriented Communication, Stream-Oriented Communication, Multicasting. (Chapter - 2) 3.Naming : Names, Identifiers, And Addresses, Flat Naming, Structured Naming, Attribute-Based Naming. (Chapter - 3) 4.Synchronization : Clock Synchronization, Logical Clocks, Mutual Exclusion, Global Positioning Of Nodes, Election Algorithms. (Chapter - 4) 5.Consistency, Replication and Fault Tolerance : Introduction to Replication, Data-Centric Consistency Models, Client-Centric Consistency Models, Replica Management, Consistency Protocols, Basics of Fault Tolerance, Process Resilience, Reliable Client-Server Communication, Reliable Group Communication, Distributed Commit, Recovery. (Chapter - 5) 6.Security : Introduction to Security - Security Threats, Policies, and Mechanisms, Design Issues, Basics of Cryptography, Secure Channels- Authentication, Message Integrity and Confidentiality, Secure Group Communication; Access Control- General Issues in Access Control, Firewalls, Secure Mobile Code, Denial of Service; Security Management-Key Management, Secure Group Management, Authorization Management. (Chapter - 6) 7.Categories of Distributed System : Architecture, Processes, Communication, Naming, Synchronization, Consistency and Replication, Fault Tolerance, Security : Distributed Object-based System ; Distributed File System;Distributed Web-based System; Distributed Coordination based System. (Chapter - 7)

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