Advanced Control Systems for BE VTU Course 18 OBE & CBCS (VII - EEE -18 EE734) - Professional Elective - 2

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Syllabus Advanced Control Systems - (18EE734) Credits : 03CIE Marks : 40SEE Marks : 60 Module-1 State Variable Analysis and Design : Introduction, Concept of State, State Variables and State Model, State Models for Linear Continuous-Time Systems, State Variables and Linear Discrete-Time Systems. (Chapter - 1) Module-2 State Variable Analysis and Design (continued) : Diagonalization, Solution of State Equations, Concepts of Controllability and Observability. (Chapter - 2) Module-3 Pole Placement Design and State Observers : Introduction, Stability Improvements by State Feedback, Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Arbitrary Pole Placement, State Regulator Design, Design of State Observer, Compensator Design by the Separation Principle. (Chapter - 3) Module-4 Non-linear systems Analysis : Introduction, Common Nonlinear System Behaviours, Common Nonlinearities in Control Systems, Fundamentals, Describing Functions of Common Nonlinearities, Stability Analysis by Describing Function Method, Concept of Phase Plane Analysis, Construction of Phase Portraits, System Analysis on the Phase Plane. (Chapters - 4 and 5) Module-5 Non-linear systems Analysis (continued) : Simple Variable Structure Systems, Lyapunov Stability Definitions, Lyapunov Stability Theorems, Lyapunov Functions for Nonlinear Systems. (Chapter - 6)

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Author: [U. A. Bakshi, M. V. Bakshi] Pages: 460 Edition: 2021 Vendors: Technical Publications