Mechatronics for BE VTU Course 18 OBE & CBCS (VII - MECH -18ME744 ) - Professional Elective - 3

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Syllabus Mechatronics (18ME744) Credits : 03CIE Marks : 40SEE Marks : 60 Module - 1 : Introduction : Scope and elements of mechatronics, mechatronics design process, measurement system, requirements and types of control systems, feedback principle, Basic elements of feedback control systems, Classification of control system. Examples of Mechatronics Systems such as Automatic Car Park system, Engine management system, Antilock braking system (ABS) control, Automatic washing machine. Transducers and sensors : Definition and classification of transducers, Difference between transducer and sensor, Definition and classification of sensors, Principle of working and applications of light sensors, Potentiometers, LVDT, Capacitance sensors, force and pressure sensors, Strain gauges, temperature sensors, proximity switches and Hall Effect sensors. (Chapter - 1) Module - 2 : Signal Conditioning : Introduction – Hardware – Digital I/O, Analog to digital conversions, resolution, Filtering Noise using passive components – Registers, capacitors, amplifying signals using OP amps. Digital Signal Processing – Digital to Analog conversion, Low pass, high pass, notch filtering. Data acquisition systems (DAQS), data loggers, Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), Communication methods. Electro Mechanical Drives : Relays and Solenoids – Stepper Motors – DC brushed motors – DC brushless motors – DC servo motors – 4-quadrant servo drives, PWM’s – Pulse Width Modulation. (Chapter - 2) Module - 3 : Microprocessor & Microcontrollers : Introduction, Microprocessor systems, Basic elements of control systems, Microcontrollers, Difference between Microprocessor and Microcontrollers. Microprocessor Architecture : Microprocessor architecture and terminology-CPU, memory and address, I/O and Peripheral devices, ALU, Instruction and Program, Assembler, Data Registers, Program Counter, Flags, Fetch cycle, write cycle, state, bus interrupts. Intel’s 8085A Microprocessor. (Chapter - 3) Mod

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Author: [DR. Subhash L. Gadhave, V.S. Bagad, Dr. Vikram Suvarnkar] Pages: 292 Edition: 2021 Vendors: Technical Publications