Power Plant Engineering for GTU 18 Course (VII - Mechanical - 3171910)

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1.Coal Based Thermal Power Plant : Layout of modern coal power plant, site selection criteria, Rankine cycle and its improvisations, Supercritical Pressure Boilers, FBC Boilers, Steam Nozzles, Steam Turbines, Steam Condensers, Cooling Towers, Steam & Heat rate, Combined Cycle Power Plant : Binary Cycles and Cogeneration systems. Subsystems of thermal power plants - Draught system, Fuel and ash handling, Feed water treatment. (Chapters - 1, 2, 3) 2.Gas Turbine Power Plant : Classification, Open and closed cycle, Gas turbine fuels, Actual Brayton cycle, Optimum pressure ratio for maximum thermal efficiency, Work ratio, Air rate, Effect of operating variables on the thermal efficiency and work, Cooling of gas turbine blade, Combined steam and gas turbine plant. (Chapter - 4) 3.Nuclear Power Plant : Basics of Nuclear Engineering, Layout and subsystems of Nuclear Power Plants, Working of Nuclear Reactors : Boiling Water Reactor (BWR), Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR), CANada Deuterium- Uranium reactor (CANDU), Breeder, Gas Cooled and Liquid Metal Cooled Reactors, Brief about the Nuclear program in India, Safety measures for Nuclear Power plants. (Chapter - 5) 4.Power from Renewable Energy : Hydro Electric Power Plants - Classification, Typical Layout and associated components including Turbines. Principle, Construction and working of Wind, Tidal, Solar Photovoltaic (SPV), Solar Thermal, GeoThermal and Fuel Cell power systems. (Chapter - 6) 5.Energy, Economic and Environmental issues of Power plants : Power tariff types, Load distribution parameters, load curve, Comparison of site selection criteria, relative merits & demerits, Capital & Operating Cost of different power plants. Pollution control technologies including Waste Disposal Options for Coal and Nuclear Power Plants. (Chapter - 7)

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Pages: 688 Edition: 2023 Vendors: Technical Publications