Power System - I for GTU 18 Course (IV- ELECTRICAL - 3140914)

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Syllabus Power System - I (3140914) CreditsExamination MarksTotal Marks CTheory MarksPractical Marks ESE (E)PA (M)ESE (V)PA (I) 570303020150 1.Conventional Generation, Load Curves and Tariffs : Generation scenario in India and Gujarat Steam power station, Schematic arrangement of steam power station, Equipments of steam power station, Hydroelectric power station, Schematic arrangement of hydro-electric power station, Constituents of hydro-electric plants, Nuclear power station, Schematic arrangement of nuclear power station, Nuclear reactor, Gas turbine power plant, Schematic arrangement of gas turbine power plant, comparison of various power plants. Load curves, Important terms and factors, Load duration curve, Examples. Tariff, Desirable characteristics of tariff, Types of tariff, Examples. (Chapter - 1) 2. Introduction to Wind and Solar Power Generation : The wind power plant - Introduction, wind turbine classes, Wind Turbine Components (Rotor, Nacelle, Tower, Electric Substation, Foundations). Wind Energy Conversion - Rotation principle, Forces on a rotor blade, Factors affecting performance of rotor (Aerodynamic efficiency, tip speed, tip seep ratio etc.), Thrust and torque on rotor, Power curve. Topologies and operation characteristics of SCIG based wind turbine power plant. Working Principal and operation characteristic of WRIG based wind turbine power plant. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant Operation and its working, Photovoltaic Conversion - Introduction, Description and principle of working, performance characteristics of a solar cell, types of solar cell, photovoltaic system applications, Stand-alone PV system configurations, Grid-connected PV systems. (Chapter - 2) 3. Electrical Supply Systems : Electric supply system, Typical ac power supply scheme, Advantages of high transmission voltage, Overhead v/s underground systems, Requirements of a distribution system, Connection schemes of distribution system. AC Distribution - Methods o

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