Surveying for SPPU 19 Course (SE - IV - Civil - 201009) (Decode)

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Unit I : Compass and Levelling a) Definition and Importance of Surveying; Principles of Surveying, b) Definition, objective and fundamental classification of surveying (Plane and Geodetic), concept of Scale, Ranging, Chaining, Offsetting and Traversing. Construction and use of prismatic compass, Concept of bearing &, types of bearings such as Whole Circle Bearing, Quadrental Bearing, meridian and their types, local attraction and correction for local attraction, dip, declination and calculation of true bearings, including numericals of all types. c) Equipment required for plane table surveying, uses, advantages and disadvantages and errors in plane table surveying. Methods of plane table Survey Radiation, intersection, traversing and resection - d) Introduction to leveling, Types of leveling, Types of benchmarks, Study and use of dumpy level, auto level, digital level and laser level in construction industry, principal axes of dumpy level, testing and permanent adjustments reciprocal leveling, curvature and refraction corrections, distance to the visible horizon. Collimation Plane Method, Rise & Fall Method. (Chapter - 1) Unit II : Theodolite Surveying a) Study of vernier transit 20” theodolite, uses of theodolite for measurement of horizontal angles by repetition and reiteration, vertical angles, measurement of deflection angles using transit theodolite and magnetic bearing, prolonging a line, lining in and setting out an angle with a theodolite. Fundamental axes of theodolite : testing and permanent adjustments of a transit theodolite. b) Theodolite traversing - computation of consecutive and independent co-ordinates, adjustment of closed traverse by transit rule and Bowditch’s rule, Gales traverse table. Checks, omitted measurements, area calculation by independent co-ordinates. (Chapter - 2) Unit III : Tacheometry and Contouring a) Tacheometry - applications and limitations, principle of stadia tacheometry, fixed hair method with vertical staff to determine hor

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