Product Development & Entrepreneurship for GTU 18 Course (VI- Mech./Prof. Elec.-II - 3161916)

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1. Product Development Processes : Characteristics of Successful Product development, Generic development process, Concept development : Concept generation process, Concept selection, Concept Embodiment, Process flows. Product life cycles, The challenges of Product development. Reverse Engineering and Redesign Product development Processes. (Chapter - 1) 2. Product Planning and Customer Need : Identifying Opportunities, Evaluate and Prioritize, Allocate resources and scheduling tools. Identifying customer need : Types of customer needs, Customer need models. Gathering Customer needs: Need Gathering Methods, Conducting Interviews : Like Dislike Method, Articulated - Use Method, Product feel and Industrial Design. Organizing and Prioritizing Needs : Grouping Interpreted needs, Affinity Diagram, Determining need Importance, Customer use patterns, Customers need Documentation. (Chapter - 2) 3. Product Configuration and Design for Function : Design for function techniques, Function analysis, and function family tree. Design Evaluation : Design for manufacturing methodology, Design for assembly methodology, Additional Assembly evaluation methods. Product evaluation : Product design for disassembly, Evaluation of Product for disassembly aspects in products, Design for Product maintenance. Product specifications. (Chapter - 3) 4. Product Architecture and virtual Product Prototyping : Product Architectures type, Product Modularity and types, Modular design and methods. Advance functional methods : Function dependency, Module heuristics and application. Introduction to virtual reality, Design using virtual prototyping, Application of digital tools, Introduction to Additive manufacturing. (Chapter - 4) 5. Entrepreneurship : Concept, knowledge and skills requirement; characteristic of successful entrepreneurs; role of entrepreneurship in economic development; entrepreneurship process; factors impacting emergence of entrepreneurship; managerial vs. entrepreneurial approach and emergence of entrepreneurship. (Chapter - 5) 6. Starting the venture : Competitor and industry analysis; feasibility study : market feasibility, technical / operational feasibility, financial feasibility; drawing business plan; preparing project report; presenting business plan to investors. (Chapter - 6) 7. Functional plans : Marketing plan - marketing research for the new venture, steps in preparing marketing plan, contingency planning; organizational plan : form of ownership, designing organization structure, job design, manpower planning; Financial plan : cash budget, working capital, Performa income statement, Performa cash flow, Performa balance sheet, break even analysis. (Chapter - 7) 8. Issues related to Product development and Entrepreneurship : Legal issues : intellectual property rights patents, trademarks, copy rights, trade secrets, licensing; franchising. (Chapter - 8)

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