Project Management for GTU 18 Course (VII - Mechanical - 3171506) - Professional Elective - VI

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1. Project Management : Definition of project, Project Management Vs. General Management, Three goals of project, The life cycle of projects, Selecting projects to meet organizational goals, Confronting Uncertainty, Project portfolio process, An approach to Project Formulation. (Chapter - 1) 2.Organizing the project : The PM’s Roles, The PM’s responsibility to the project, Selection of a Project Manager, Project Management as a profession, Fitting projects into the parent organization, The project team. (Chapter - 2) 3.Planning the project : The contents of a project plan, The planning process - overview, The planning process - Nuts and Bolts, The work breakdown structure and other aids, Multidisciplinary Teams -Balancing Pleasure and Pain. (Chapter - 3) 4.Budgeting the Project : Methods of budgeting, Cost estimating, Improving Cost Estimates, Budget Uncertainty and risk management. (Chapter - 4) 5.Project Network Theory : Scheduling the Project PERT and CPM Networks, Project uncertainty and risk management, Simulation, The Gantt chart, Extensions to PERT/CPM. (Chapter - 5) 6.Allocating the Resources to the Project : Expediting a Project, Resource Loading, Resource Leveling, Allocating Scarce resources to projects, Allocating several resources to the several projects, Goldratt’s critical chain. Crashing the Project network. (Chapter - 6) 7.Monitoring and Controlling the Project : The plan - monitor - control cycle, Data collection and reporting, Earned value, Project control, Designing the control system, Scope creep and change control. (Chapter - 7) 8.Evaluating and Terminating the Project : Evaluation, Project Auditing, Project Termination. (Chapter - 8)

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