Instrumental Methods of Analysis For B Pharmacy PCI (VII- BP701T) TCA PHARMA

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SYLLABUS Instrumental Methods of Analysis (BP 701T) UNIT – I UV Visible spectroscopy Electronic transitions, chromophores, auxochromes, spectral shifts, solvent effect on absorption spectra, Beer and Lambert’s law, Derivation and deviations. Instrumentation - Sources of radiation, wavelength selectors, sample cells, detectors- Photo tube, Photomultiplier tube, Photo voltaic cell, Silicon Photodiode. Applications - Spectrophotometric titrations, Single component and multi component analysis (Chapter - 1) Fluorimetry Theory, Concepts of singlet, doublet and triplet electronic states, internal and external conversions, factors affecting fluorescence, quenching, instrumentation and applications (Chapter - 2) UNIT – II IR spectroscopy Introduction, fundamental modes of vibrations in poly atomic molecules, sample handling, factors affecting vibrations Instrumentation - Sources of radiation, wavelength selectors, detectors - Golay cell, Bolometer, Thermocouple, Thermister, Pyroelectric detector and applications (Chapter - 3) Flame Photometry-Principle, interferences, instrumentation and applications (Chapter - 4) Atomic absorption spectroscopy - Principle, interferences, instrumentation and applications (Chapter - 5) Nepheloturbidometry - Principle, instrumentation and applications (Chapter - 6) UNIT – III Introduction to chromatography (Chapter - 7) Adsorption and partition column chromatography - Methodology, advantages, disadvantages and applications. (Chapter - 8) Thin layer chromatography - Introduction, Principle, Methodology, Rf values, advantages, disadvantages and applications. (Chapter - 9) Paper chromatography - Introduction, methodology, development techniques, advantages, disadvantages and applications (Chapter - 10) Electrophoresis - Introduction, factors affecting electrophoretic mobility, Techniques of paper, gel, capillary electrophoresis, applications (Chapter - 11) UNIT – IV Gas chromatography - Introduction, theory, instrumentation, derivatization

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Pages: 354 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications