Computer Graphics and Visualization for BE VTU Course 18 OBE & CBCS (VI- CSE - 18CS62)

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Module - 1 Overview : Computer Graphics and OpenGL : Computer Graphics : Basics of computer graphics, Application of Computer Graphics, Video Display Devices : Random Scan and Raster Scan displays, graphics software. OpenGL : Introduction to OpenGL, coordinate reference frames, specifying two-dimensional world coordinate reference frames in OpenGL, OpenGL point functions, OpenGL line functions, point attributes, line attributes, curve attributes, OpenGL point attribute functions, OpenGL line attribute functions, Line drawing algorithms (DDA, Bresenham’s), circle generation algorithms (Bresenham’s). (Chapters - 1, 2, 3) Module - 2 Fill area Primitives, 2D Geometric Transformations and 2D viewing : Fill area Primitives : Polygon fill-areas, OpenGL polygon fill area functions, fill area attributes, general scan line polygon fill algorithm, OpenGL fill-area attribute functions. 2DGeometric Transformations : Basic 2D Geometric Transformations, matrix representations and homogeneous coordinates. Inverse transformations, 2DComposite transformations, other 2D transformations, raster methods for geometric transformations, OpenGL raster transformations, OpenGL geometric transformations function, 2D viewing : 2D viewing pipeline, OpenGL 2D viewing functions. (Chapters - 4, 5, 6) Module - 3 Clipping, 3D Geometric Transformations, Color and Illumination Models : Clipping : clipping window, normalization and viewport transformations, clipping algorithms,2D point clipping, 2D line clipping algorithms: cohen-sutherland line clipping only-polygon fill area clipping : Sutherland-Hodgeman polygon clipping algorithm only. 3D Geometric Transformations : 3D translation, rotation, scaling, composite 3D transformations, other 3D transformations, affine transformations, OpenGL geometric transformations functions. Color Models : Properties of light, Module - 4 3D Viewing and Visible Surface Detection Module - 5 Input and interaction, Curves and Computer Animation

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Author: [A. P. Godse, Dr. D. A. Godse] Pages: 396 Edition: 2021 Vendors: Technical Publications