Power Quality and FACTS for GTU 18 Course (VII - ELECTRICAL - 3170921) - Professional Elective - VI

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Syllabus Power Quality and FACTS - (3170921) CreditsExamination Marks Total Marks CTheory MarksPractical Marks ESE PA ESE PA (E)(M)Viva (V)(I) 3703000100 1.Power Quality Introduction, Importance of Power Quality, Common Disturbances in Power Systems, Short-Duration Voltage Variation, Long-Duration Voltage Variations, Transients, Impulsive Transients, Oscillatory Transients, Voltage Imbalance, Harmonics, Interharmonics, DC Offset, Notching, Noise, Voltage Fluctuations, Power Frequency Variations, Solutions to Power Quality Problems, Ambiguous Terms CBEMA and ITI Curves, Features of Voltages in Power Systems, Grounding, Ground Electrodes, Ground Rods, Ground Rings, Plates Signal Reference Ground (SRG), Single-Point and Multipoint Grounding, Ground Loops, Isolated Ground, Electrochemical Reactions Due to Ground Grids, Reactive Power in Power Systems with Harmonic Distortion, Single-Phase Systems, Reliability, Power Quality Data Collection. (Chapter - 1) 2.Static Var Compensators Introduction, Different Static Var Compensators, Increase in Transient Stability Margin, Damping of Power Oscillations, Voltage Support, Static Var Compensator Systems Versus Synchronous Condensers, Capacitors, and Reactors, Shunt and Series Compensation, Fundamentals of Load Compensation, Reactive Power Relationships Between Wye - and Delta - Connected Systems, Static Var Compensators for Transmission Systems, SVC Using a TCR and an FC, SVC Using a TCR and TSC, STATCOM (SVC Using Self - Commutated Inverters), SVC Using a Saturated Reactor (SR), Comparison of Static Var Systems, Specification of SVCs, FACTS Technology, Types of FACTS Controllers, Series Controllers, Shunt Controllers, Combined Series and Shunt Controllers, Case Study, Importance Three - Phase Power Flow Studies for PQ. (Chapter - 2) 3.Control of Static Var Compensators Introduction, Control Systems for SVCs in Transmission System Applications, Voltage Regulation, Gain Supervision, Reactive Pow

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Author: [B. Ashokkumar, Dr. Uma Maheshwari] Pages: 260 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications