Network Programming for JNTU-H 18 Course (III - II - CSE/IT/Prof. Elec.-III - CS612PE) (Decode)

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Unit - 1 Introduction to Network Programming : 0SI mode!, Unix standards, TCP and UDP & TCP connection establishment and Format, Buffer sizes and limitation, standard internet services, Protocol usa!Je by common internet application. Sockets : Address structures, value - result ar!Juments. Byte orderin!J and manipulation function and related functions Elementary TCP sockets - Socket, connect, bind. listen. accept, fork and exec function. concurrent servers. Close function and related function. (Chapter - 1) Unit - 11 TCP client server : Introduction. TCP Echo server functions, Normal startup, terminate and si!Jnal handlin!J server process termination, Crashin!J and Rebootin!J of server host shutdown of server host. Elementary UDP sockets : lntroduction UDP Echo server function. lost data!Jram. summary of UDP example. Lack of flow control with UDP. determinin!J out!Join!J interface with UDP. 1/0 Multiplexing : 1/0 Models. select function. Batch input, shutdown function. poll function, TCP Echo server. (Chapter - 2) Unit - 111 Socket options : !Jetsockopt and setsockopt functions. Socket states, Generic socket option IPV6 socket option ICMPV6 socket option IPV6 socket option and TCP socket options. Advanced 1/0 Functions - Introduction, Socket Timeouts, recv and send Functions,readv and writev Functions, recvms!J and sendms!J Functions, Ancillary Data, How Much Data 1s Queued ?, Sockets and Standard 1/0, T/TCP : TCP for Transactions. (Chapter - 3) Unit - IV Elementary name and Address conversions: DNS. !Jethost by Name function, Resolver option, Function and IPV6 support, uname function, other networkin!J information. Daemon Processes and inetd Superserver - Introduction, syslo!Jd Daemon, syslo!J Function. daemon_init Function, inetd Daemon, daemon_inetd Function. Broadcasting - Introduction. Broadcast Addresses. Unicast versus Broadcast, d!J_cli Function Usin!J Broadcastin!J. Race Conditions. Multicasting - Introduction, Multicast Addresses, Multicastin!J versus Broadcastin!J οη Α LAN, Multicastin!J οη a WAN, Multicast Socket 0ptions, mcast_join and Related Functions, d!J_cli Function Usin!J Multicastin!J. Receivin!J MBone Session Announcements. Sendin!J and Receivin!J. SNTP : Simple Network Time Protocol. SNTP (Continued) (Chapter - 4) Unit - V Raw Sockets - Introduction, Raw Socket Creation, Raw Socket 0utput, Raw Socket Input, Pin!J Pro!Jram, Traceroute Pro!Jram, Απ ICMP Messa!Je Daemon, Datalink Access - Introduction, BPF : BSD Packet Filter, DLPI : Data Link Provider Interface, Linux: S0CΚ_PACKET, libpcap : Packet Capture Library, Examinin!J the UDP Checksum Field. Remote Lo!Jin : Terminal line disciplines, Pseudo - Terminals, Terminal modes, Control Terminals, rlo!Jin 0verview, RPC Transparency Issues. (Chapter - 5)

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Author: [V. S. Bagad, I. A. Dhotre] Pages: 116 Edition: 2021 Vendors: Technical Publications