Internet of Things for GTU 18 Course (VII - ECE - 3171108) - Professional Elective - V & (VII - ELECTRICAL/IT - 3171108) - Open Elective - III

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1. Introduction to Internet of Things IoT Definition, IoT characteristics, M2M and IoT, End to End IoT Architecture, Physical design of IoT, Logical Design of IoT, Overview of IoT protocols, IoT levels and deployment templates, Challenges for IoT, Interdependencies of IoT and cloud computing, Web of things. (Chapter - 1) 2. Embedded IoT Devices Sensors and actuators for IoT applications, IoT components and implementation, Programming of NodeMCU and Raspberry PI, Implementation of IoT with Edge devices, Reading sensor data and transmit to cloud, Controlling devices through cloud using mobile application and web application, Types and configurations of gatways, Specifications of IoT gateways (Practical aspects of this chapter should be covered during lab sessions). (Chapter - 2) 3. IoT Protocols Link layer protocols, Network/internet layer protocols, Transport layer protocols, Application layer protocols: Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), Systematic HTTP access methodology, Web Socket, Constrained application protocol CoAP), Message Queue Telemetry Transport Protocol (MQTT), XMPP, DDS, AMQP. (Chapter - 3) 4. IoT Security and Challenges IOT Security, Dangers, Assigning values to Information, Security Components, Key Management, Update Management, Challenges in IoT security. (Chapter - 4) 5. IoT Applications and Case Study Broad categories of IoT applications: Consumer IoT, Commercial IoT, Industrial IoT, Infrastructure IoT, Military Things (IoMT) IoT Case studies : Home automation with IoT, River water pollution monitoring, Smart city street light control and monitoring, Health care monitoring, Voice Apps on IoT device. (Chapter - 5)

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