Principles of Programming Languages for SPPU 19 Course (SE - IV - Comp. - 210255)

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Unit I Fundamentals of Programming Importance of Studying Programming Languages, History of Programming Languages, Impact of Programming Paradigms, Role of Programming Languages, Programming Environments. Impact of Machine Architectures: The operation of a computer, Virtual Computers and Binding Times. Programming paradigms - Introduction to programming paradigms, Introduction to four main Programming paradigms- procedural, object oriented, functional, and logic and rule based. (Chapter - 1) Unit II Structuring the Data, Computations and Program Elementary Data Types : Primitive data Types, Character String types, User Defined Ordinal Types, Array types, Associative Arrays, Record Types, Union Types, Pointer and reference Type. Expression and Assignment Statements : Arithmetic expression, Overloaded Operators, Type conversions, Relational and Boolean Expressions, Short Circuit Evaluation, Assignment Statements, Mixed mode Assignment. Statement level Control Statements : Selection Statements, Iterative Statements, Unconditional Branching. Subprograms : Fundamentals of Sub Programs, Design Issues for Subprograms, Local referencing Environments, Parameter passing methods. Abstract Data Types and Encapsulation Construct : Design issues for Abstraction, Parameterized Abstract Data types, Encapsulation Constructs, Naming Encapsulations. (Chapter - 2) Unit III Java as Object Oriented Programming Language-Overview Fundamentals of JAVA, Arrays : one dimensional array, multi-dimensional array, alternative array declaration statements, Unit IV Inheritance, Packages and Exception Handling using Java Unit V Multithreading in Java Unit VI Logical and Functional Programming

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