Project Management for SPPU 19 Course (SE - IV - Civil - 201012) (Decode)

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UNIT I Introduction to Project Management Importance, Objectives & Functions of Management, Principles of Management, Categories of Project, Project Failure, Project - Life Cycle Concept and Cost Components, Project Management Book of Knowledge {PMBOK} - Different Domain Areas, Project management Institute and Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP). Importance of Organizational Structure in Management - Authority / Responsibility Relation, Management By Objectives (MBO). (Chapter - 1) UNIT II Project Planning and Scheduling WBS - Work Breakdown Structure, Gantt / Bar chart & its Limitations, Network Planning, Network analysis, C.P.M. - . Activity on Arrow (A.O.A.), Critical Path and Type of Floats, Precedence Network Analysis ( A.O.N. ), Types of Precedence Relationship, P.E.R.T. Analysis. (Chapter - 2) UNIT III Project Resources and Site Planning Objectives of Materials Management - Primary and Secondary Material Procurement Procedures - Material Requirement - Raising of Indents, Receipts, Inspection, Storage, Delivery, Record Keeping - Use of Excel Sheets, ERP Software, Inventory Control - ABC Analysis, EOQ, Introduction to Equipment Management - Fleet Management, Productivity Studies, Site Layout and Planning, Safety Norms - Measures and Precautions on Site, Implementation of Safety Programs. (Chapter - 3) UNIT IV Project Monitoring and Control Resource Allocation - Resource Smoothening and Leveling, Network Crashing - Time- Cost - Resource Optimization, Project Monitoring - Methods, Updating and Earned Value Analysis, Introduction to Use of Project Management Software's - MS Project / Primavera, Case study on Housing Project Scheduling for a Small Project with Minimum 25 Activities. (Chapter - 4) UNIT V Project Economics Introduction to Project Economics - Definition, Principles, Importance in Construction Industry, Difference between Cost, Value, Price, Rent, Simple and Compound Interest, Profit, Cash flow Diagram, Annuities and its Types, Demand, Demand Schedule, Law of Demand, Demand Curve, Elasticity of Demand and Supply, Supply Schedule, Supply Curve, Elasticity of Supply Equilibrium, Equilibrium Price, Equilibrium Amount, Factors Affecting Price Determination, Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility, Law of Substitution, Concept of Cost of Capital, Time Value of Money, Sources of Project Finance. (Chapter - 5) UNIT VI Project Appraisal Types of Appraisals such as Political, Social, Environmental, Techno-Legal, Financial and Economical, Criteria for Project Selection - Benefit - Cost Analysis, NPV, IRR, Pay-Back Period, Break Even Analysis [Fundamental and Application Component], Study of Project Feasibility Report and Detailed Project Report (DPR), Role of Project Management Consultants in Pre-Tender and Post-Tender. (Chapter - 6)

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