Energy Conservation for GTU 18 Course (VI- Electrical /Prof. Elec.-I - 3160916)

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Syllabus Energy Conservation [3160916] CreditsExamination MarksTotal Marks Theory MarksPractical Marks CESE (E)PA (M)ESE (V)(PA) (I) 3703000100 1.Energy Audit Methodology and recent trends : General Philosophy, need of Energy Audit and Management. Definition and Objective of Energy Management, General Principles of Energy Management, Energy Management Skills, Energy Management Strategy, Economics of implementation of energy optimization projects, it’s constraints, barriers and limitations, Report-writing, preparations and presentations of energy audit reports, Post monitoring of energy conservation projects, MIS, Case-studies / Report studies of Energy Audits, Guidelines for writing energy audit report, data presentation in report, findings recommendations, impact of renewable energy on energy audit recommendations, Case studies of implemented energy cost optimization projects in electrical utilities as well as thermal utilities. Instruments for Audit and Monitoring Energy and Energy Savings, Types and Accuracy. 2.Electrical Distribution and Utilization : Electrical Systems, Transformers loss reductions, parallel operations, T & D losses, P.F. improvements, Demand Side management (DSM), Load Management, Harmonics & its improvements, Energy efficient motors and Soft starters, Automatic power factor Controllers, Variable speed drivers, Electronic Lighting ballasts for Lighting, LED Lighting, Trends and Approaches. Case Studies related to Power factor improvement, Electric motors, Drives, Industrial/Commercial Lighting system, etc. with respect to energy conservation. 3.Thermal Systems : Boilers- performance evaluation, Loss analysis, Water treatment and its impact on boiler losses, integration of different systems in boiler operation. Advances in boiler technologies, FBC and PFBC boilers, Heat recovery Boilers - it’s limitations and constraints. Furnaces - Types and classifications, applications, economics and quality aspects, heat distributions,

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Pages: 208 Edition: 2023 Vendors: Technical Publications