Kinematics of Machinery for SPPU 19 Course (SE - IV - MECH. - 202047)

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Unit IFundamentals of Mechanism Kinematic link, Types of links, Kinematic pair, Types of constrained motions, Types of Kinematic pairs, Kinematic chain, Types of joints, Mechanism, Machine, Degree of freedom, Mobility of Mechanism, Inversion, Grashoff’s law, Four-Bar Chain and its Inversions, Slider crank Chain and its Inversions, Double slider crank Chain and its Conversions, Mechanisms with Higher pairs, Equivalent Linkages and its Cases - Sliding Pairs in Place of Turning Pairs, Spring in Place of Turning Pairs, Cam Pair in Place of Turning Pairs. (Chapter - 1) Unit IIKinematic Analysis of Mechanisms : Analytical Method Analytical methods for displacement, velocity and acceleration analysis of slider crank Mechanism, Velocity and acceleration analysis of Four-Bar and Slider crank mechanisms using Vector and Complex Algebra Methods. Computer-aided Kinematic Analysis of Mechanism like Slider crank and Four-Bar mechanism, Analysis of Single and Double Hook’s joint. (Chapter - 2) Unit IIIKinematic Analysis of Mechanisms : Graphical Method Displacement, velocity and acceleration analysis mechanisms by Relative Velocity Method (Mechanisms up to 6 Links), Instantaneous Centre of Velocity, Kennedy’s Theorem, Angular Velocity ratio Theorem, Analysis of mechanism by ICR method (Mechanisms up to 6 Links), Coriolis component of Acceleration (Theoretical treatment only). (Chapters - 3, 4) Unit IVSynthesis of Mechanisms Steps in Synthesis : Type synthesis, Number Synthesis, Dimensional synthesis, Tasks of Kinematic synthesis - Path, function and motion generation (Body guidance), Precision Positions, Chebychev spacing, Mechanical and structural errors. Unit VKinematics of Gears Unit VI Mechanisms in Automation Systems

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