Power System Analysis - 1 for BE VTU Course 18 OBE & CBCS (VI- EEE - 18EE62)

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Module-1 Representation of Power System Components : Introduction, Single-phase Representation of Balanced Three Phase Networks, One-Line Diagram and Impedance or Reactance Diagram, Per Unit (PU) System, Steady State Model of Synchronous Machine, Power Transformer, Transmission of Electrical Power, Representation of Loads. (Chapter - 1) Module-2 Symmetrical Fault Analysis : Introduction, Transient on a Transmission Line, Short Circuit of a Synchronous Machine (On No Load), Short Circuit of a Loaded Synchronous Machine, Illustrative simple examples on power systems. Selection of Circuit Breakers. (Chapter - 2) Module-3 Symmetrical Components : Introduction, Symmetrical Component Transformation, Phase Shift in Star-Delta Transformers, Sequence Impedances of Transmission Lines, Sequence Impedances and Sequence Network of Power System, Sequence Impedances and Networks of Synchronous Machine, Sequence Impedances of Transmission Lines, Sequence Impedances and Networks of Transformers, Construction of Sequence Networks of a Power System. (Chapter - 3) Module-4 Unsymmetrical Fault Analysis : Introduction, Symmetrical Component Analysis of Unsymmetrical Faults, Single Line-To-Ground (LG) Fault, Line-To-Line (LL) Fault, Double Line-To-Ground (LLG) Fault, Open Conductor Faults. (Chapter - 4) Module-5 Power System Stability : Introduction, Dynamics of a Synchronous Machine, Review of Power Angle Equation, Simple Systems, Steady State Stability, Transient Stability, Equal Area Criterion, Factors Affecting Transient Stability, Multi machine stability studies, classical representation. (Chapters - 5)

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Author: [U.A.BAKSHI, M.V.Bakshi] Pages: 292 Edition: 2021 Vendors: Technical Publications