Microprocessors & Microcontrollers for GTU 18 Course (VI- Electrical - 3160914)

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1.Microprocessor Based Systems: Digital Computer, Microprocessor, Microcomputer, Microcontroller, Van Neumann and Harvard Architecture, CISC and RISC Processors. (Chapter - 1) 2.8085 Microprocessor: Architectural Block Diagram, Schematic and Pin diagrams, Pin functions, Bus Organization, Internal operations and registers, Externally initiated operations, Serial interrupt and I/O Control, Timing and Control Unit, Microprocessor communication, Multiplexing of address/data bus, Generation of control signals, 8085 machine cycles, Fetch and execution of only MOV, MVI, and OUT instructions with timing diagram. (Other 8085 instructions and Programming of assembly language using 8085 should not be covered & asked in the exam) (Chapters - 2, 3, 4, 5) 3.8051 Microcontroller architecture: Introduction to MCS-51 Family Micro-controllers, Architectural block Diagram, Pin diagram and Pin Functions, General Purpose and Special Function Registers, Oscillator and clock circuit, Reset circuit, I/O Port circuits, Memory organization, Internal program and data memory. (Chapter - 6) 4.8051 Assembly language programming: Programming model of 8051, Addressing modes, programming of 8051 based on data transfer, arithmetic and logical group, branching instructions, bit manipulation instructions and I/O Port programming. Concept of stack, subroutine and related instructions, writing programs for generating time delay, code conversions in assembly language of 8051 and testing the same using IDE. (Chapter - 7) 5. 8051 Programming in C: 6. 8051 Timer/Counter and Programming: 7. 8051 Serial Port and Programming: 8. 8051 Interrupts: 9. External Memory Interfacing: 10. Applications and design of microcontroller based systems: 11. ARM Processor Fundamentals:

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