Applied Thermodynamics for SPPU 19 Course (SE - IV - MECH. - 202048)

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End_Semester (TH): 70 Marks Unit I Basics of Refrigeration and Psychrometry Refrigeration: Reversed Carnot Cycle, unit of refrigeration, Simple Vapour Compression Cycle (VCC), Refrigerating Effect, Compressor Power & COP. Simple Vapor Absorption Cycle (VAC), Comparison between VCC & VAC. Psychrometry: Introduction, Psychrometry and Psychrometric Properties, Basic Terminologies & Psychrometric Relations, Psychrometric Processes, Psychrometric Chart. (Chapters - 1, 2) Unit II Introduction to Internal Combustion (IC) Engine IC Engine: Components and Construction details, Terminology, Classification, Applications, Intake and exhaust system, Valves actuating mechanisms, Valve timing diagram. Fuel, Air and Actual Cycle: Air-standard cycles, fuel air cycles, and actual cycles, Effects of variables on performance, various losses, and Comparison of Air standard with Fuel and Actual cycle. (Chapters - 3, 4) Unit III SI and CI Engines SI Engines: Theory of Carburetion and Types of Carburetor, Working of Simple Carburetor, Electronic Fuel Injection System, Combustion stages in SI engines, Abnormal Combustion, Theory of Detonation and Parameters affecting detonations, Rating of fuels in SI engines, Combustion Chambers used in SI Engine. CI Engines: Fuel Injection system, Construction and Working of Fuel Pump, Fuel Injector and Various types of Nozzle, Combustion stages in CI engines, Theory of knocking and Parameters affecting knocking, Rating of fuels in CI engines, Combustion Chambers used in CI Engines. (Chapters - 5, 6) Unit IV IC Engine Testing and Emission Engine Testing: Engine Testing Procedure, Measurement of indicated power, Brake power, fuel consumption, Air Consumption, Measurement of friction power by Willan’s Line Method and Morse Test, calculation of mean effective pressure, various efficiencies, specific fuel consumption, heat balance sheet of IC Engines and performance Characteristic curves. Unit V Engine Systems and Alternative Fuels Unit VI Compressor

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