Computer Aided Design for GTU 18 Course (VI- Mech./Prof. Elec.-I - 3161903)

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1.Introduction : A typical product cycle, CAD tools for the design process of product cycle, CAD / CAM system evaluation criteria, Input / Output devices; Graphics Displays: Refresh display, DVST, Raster display, pixel value and lookup table, estimation of graphical memory, LCD, LED fundamentals. Concept of Coordinate Systems: Working Coordinate System, Model Coordinate System, Screen Coordinate System. Line and Curve generation algorithm: DDA, Bresenham’s algorithms. Graphics exchange standards and Database management systems. (Chapter - 1) 2.Curves and Surfaces : Parametric representation of lines: Locating a point on a line, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, distance of a point, Intersection of lines. Parametric representation of circle, Ellipse, parabola and hyperbola. Synthetic Curves: Concept of continuity, Cubic Spline: equation, properties and blending. Bezier Curve: equations, properties; Properties and advantages of B-Splines and NURBS. Various types of surfaces along with their typical applications. (Chapter - 2) 3.Mathematical representation of solids : Geometry and Topology, Comparison of wireframe, surface and solid models, Properties of solid model, properties of representation schemes, Concept of Half-spaces, Boolean operations. Schemes: B-rep, CSG, Sweep representation, ASM, Primitive instancing, Cell Decomposition and Octree encoding. (Chapter - 3) 4.Geometric Transformations : Homogeneous representation; Translation, Scaling, Reflection, Rotation, Shearing in 2D and 3D; Orthographic and perspective projections. Window to View-port transformation. (Chapter - 4) 5.Finite Element Analysis : Review of stress-strain relation and generalized Hooke's Law, Plane stress and Plane strain conditions; Concept of Total Potential Energy; Basic procedure for solving a problem using Finite Element Analysis. 6.Engineering optimization :

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Pages: 448 Edition: 2023 Vendors: Technical Publications