Fluid Mechanics for SPPU 19 Course (SE - IV - MECH. - 202049)

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Unit I Properties of Fluid Definition of fluid, concept of continuum, density, specific weight, specific gravity, viscosity, viscosity laws, types of fluid and rheology, measurement of viscosity, application based numerical on viscosity-flow through pipe, lubrication, bearing, brake fluids, parallel plates, rotating shafts etc., vapour pressure surface tension, capillarity, compressibility. (Chapter - 1) Unit II Fluid Statics Laws of fluid statics : Forces acting on fluid element, pascal's law, hydrostatics law, hydraulic ram Pressure measurement : Pressure scale, piezometer, barometer, manometer - simple, inclined, differential, micro manometer, inverted. Forces acting on surfaces immersed in fluid : Total pressure and center of pressure on submerged plane surfaces, curved surface submerged in liquid including numerical on dam gate. Buoyancy : Flotation, stability of bodies. (Chapters - 2, 3, 4) Unit IIIFluid Kinematics Flow description methods, types of flows, velocity and acceleration fields, continuity equation in 1D & 3D flow, flow visualization (path line, stream line and streak line), stream tube, angularity, vorticity, stream function and velocity potential function, flow net. (Chapter - 5) Unit IVFluid Dynamics Euler's equation of motion differential form and Navier Stokes equation, Euler's equation of motion along streamline, Bernoulli's theorem and modified Bernoulli's theorem, stagnation pressure, HGL, TEL. Flow measurement : Venturimeter, orifice meter, pitot tubes, static pitot tube, introduction to coriolis flow meter, introduction to orifices, notches & weirs. Laminar flow : Entrance region theory, velocity and shear Stress distribution for laminar flow through pipe, fixed parallel plates and Couette flow, velocity profile of turbulent flow. (Chapters - 6, 7, 8) Unit VInternal & External Flow Unit VIDimensional Analysis & Similitude

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