Manufacturing Processes for SPPU 19 Course (SE - IV - MECH. - 202050)

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Unit ICasting Processes Introduction to casting processes, Patterns : Pattern materials, types of pattern, allowances pattern design, Moulding sand, Properties of moulding sands, Core making, Melting practices and furnaces, Pouring and Gating system design, Numerical estimation to find mold filling time, Riser design and placement, Principles of cooling and solidification of casting, Directional and Progressive solidification Estimation of solidification rate, Cleaning and Finishing of casting, Defects and remedies, Principle and equipments of Permanent mould casting, Investment casting, Centrifugal casting, Continuous casting. (Chapter - 1) Unit II Metal Forming Processes Plastic deformation. Stress-strain diagram for different types of material, Hot and Cold working, Factors affecting plastic deformation, Yield criteria, Concept of flow stress, Forming Limit diagram. Wire and Tube Drawing : Wire and tube drawing process, Die profile. Friction and lubrication in metal forming, Forming defects, causes and remedies for all forming processes. (Chapter - 2) Unit III Sheet Metal Forming Types of sheet metal operations, Press working equipment and terminology, Types of dies, Clearance analysis, Estimation of cutting forces, Centre of pressure and blank size determination, Design of strip lay-out, Blanking die design, Introduction to Drawing, Bending dies, Methods of reducing forces, Formability and forming limit diagrams. (Chapter - 3) Unit IV Welding Processes Classification of joining processes, Welding terminology and types of joints. Arc Welding Processes : Principles and equipments of Single carbon arc welding, FCAW, TIG, MIG, SAW. Resistance Welding : Spot, Seam and Projection weld process, Heat balance in resistance welding. Unit V Processing of Polymers Unit VI Manufacturing of Composites

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