Iot and its Applications for GTU 18 Course (VI- CE/CSE/Open Elec.-II - 3160716)

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1. Introduction to Internet of Things: Application areas of IoT, Characteristics of IoT, Things in IoT, IoT stack, Enabling technologies, IoT challenges, IoT levels, IoT and cyber physical system, IoT and WSN. (Chapter - 1) 2. Sensors, Microcontrollers, and Their Interfacing: Sensor interfacing, Types of sensors, Controlling sensors, Microcontrollers, ARM. (Chapter - 2) 3. Protocols for IoT: Messaging protocols, Transport protocols, IPv4, IPv6, URI. (Chapter - 3) 4. Cloud for IoT: IoT and cloud, Fog computing, Security in cloud, Case study. (Chapter - 4) 5. Application Building with IoT: Various application of IoT: Food, Healthcare, Lavatory maintenance, Water quality, Warehouse, Retail, Driver Assistance, Collision impact. (Chapter - 5) 6. Arduino and Raspberry Pi: Arduino: Architecture, Programming and Application Raspberry Pi: Architecture, Programming and Application (Chapter - 6) 7. IoT Security: Various security issues and need, architecture, requirement, challenges and algorithms (Chapter - 7)

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Pages: 160 Edition: 2024 Vendors: Technical Publications