Social Network Analysis for BE Anna University R17 CBCS (VIII-CSE/IT/Prof. Elec.-IV- CS8085)

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UNIT I INTRODUCTION Introduction to Semantic Web: Limitations of current Web - Development of Semantic Web - Emergence of the Social Web - Social Network analysis: Development of Social Network Analysis - Key concepts and measures in network analysis - Electronic sources for network analysis: Electronic discussion networks, Blogs and online communities - Web-based networks - Applications of Social Network Analysis. UNIT II MODELLING, AGGREGATING AND KNOWLEDGE REPRESENTATION Ontology and their role in the Semantic Web: Ontology-based knowledge Representation - Ontology languages for the Semantic Web: Resource Description Framework - Web Ontology Language - Modelling and aggregating social network data: State-of-the-art in network data representation - Ontological representation of social individuals - Ontological representation of social relationships - Aggregating and reasoning with social network data - Advanced representations. UNIT III EXTRACTION AND MINING COMMUNITIES IN WEB SOCIAL NETWORKS Extracting evolution of Web Community from a Series of Web Archive - Detecting communities in social networks - Definition of community - Evaluating communities - Methods for community detection and mining - Applications of community mining algorithms - Tools for detecting communities social network infrastructures and communities - Decentralized online social networks - Multi-Relational characterization of dynamic social network communities. UNIT IV PREDICTING HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND PRIVACY ISSUES Understanding and predicting human behaviour for social communities - User data management - Inference and Distribution - Enabling new human experiences - Reality mining - Context - Awareness - Privacy in online social networks UNIT V VISUALIZATION AND APPLICATIONS OF SOCIAL NETWORKS

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