A Beginner’s Guide to Python Programming

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Chapter 1 Basics of Programming language and history of Python is included in this chapter. Installation of python on windows operating system along with configuration of python to run python programs in windows are covered. Variables and data types are explained. Use of different operators is also covered in this chapter. Chapter 2 Every programming language requires execution of statements based on conditions. Statements such as if, if.. else.., nested if..else.. are covered in this chapter. Repetitive execution of same set of statements can be achieved through looping statements such as for, while, etc. Chapter 3 Characters are used very frequently in any application. These characters can be of different types like alphabets, special symbols, numbers used as characters etc. Python strings can handle this type of data. Basic functions of string such as accessing, slicing, changing are covered in this chapter. Immutability of strings is discussed. Chapter 4 In any programming language, we require collections which can store same or different types of data as one entity. List is one of the collections provided in python to store heterogeneous data. List is a mutable structure. Chapter 5 Tuples is a collection which is immutable. This is used when we do not have change of data once the structure is created. This chapter covers creation, access of data in tuples. Different methods of tuple are also discussed. Chapter 6 In some cases we require data in key value pair format. Chapter 7 Every programming language has concept of functions. Chapter 8 Even functions are sometime are not sufficient for reusability of code Chapter 9 Our computer systems have limitations of primary memory that is RAM. Chapter 10 No system is perfect. There are some situations in which system does not know what to do and fails. Chapter 11 Data can be of any type. Data can always not be stored in files

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Author: [Prasad Teli, Nilanjan Dey, Parikshit N. Mahalle] Pages: 152 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications