Gas Dynamics for GTU 18 Course (VI- Mech./Prof. Elec.-I - 3161912)

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1. Fundamentals of compressible flow : Ideal gas relationship, The adiabatic energy equation, Mach number and its significance, Mach waves, Mach cone and Mach angle, static and stagnation states, relationship between stagnation temperature, pressure, density and enthalpy in terms of Mach number, stagnation velocity of sound, reference speeds, various regions of flow, Effect of Mach number on compressibility, Area velocity relationship. (Chapter - 1) 2. One Dimensional Isentropic flow : General features of isentropic flow, performance curve, Comparison of adiabatic and isentropic process, One dimensional isentropic flow in ducts of varying cross-section-nozzles and diffusers, operation of nozzles under varying pressure ratio, mass flow rate in nozzles, critical properties and choking, area ratio as function of Mach number, Impulse function, non-dimensional mass flow rate in terms of pressure ratio, area ratio and Mach number, Working charts and gas tables, Application of Isentropic flow. Wind tunnels : Requirements, classification and applications of different types of wind tunnels. (Chapter - 2) 3. Normal shock Waves : Development of shock wave, Thickness of shock wave, governing equations, Strength of shock waves, Prandtl-Mayer relation, Rankine-Hugoniot relation, Mach number in the downstream of normal shock, variation of flow parameters across the normal shock, normal shock in Fanno and Rayleigh flows, impossibility of a rarefaction shock, supersonic diffusers, supersonic pitot tube. (Chapter - 3) 4.Flow in constant area duct with friction (Fanno flow) : Fanno curve and Fanno flow equations, solution of Fanno flow equations, variation of flow properties, variation of Mach no. with duct length, isothermal flow in constant area duct with friction, tables and charts for Fanno flow, Experimental friction coefficients. (Chapter - 4) 5. Flow in constant area duct with heat transfer (Rayleigh flow) :

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