Information Retrieval Systems for JNTU-H 18 Course (III - I - CSE/Prof. Elec.-II - CS523PE) (Decode)

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UNIT-1 Introduction to Information Retrieval Systems : Definition of Information Retrieval System. Objectives of Information Retrieval Systems. Functional Overview. Relationship to Database Manas;ιement Systems. Dis;ιital Libraries and Data Warehouses Information Retrieval System Capabilities: Search Capabilities. Browse Capabilities. Miscellaneous Capabilities (Chapter - l) UNIT-11 Catalo!Jin!J and Indexin!J: History and Objectives of Indexin!J, Indexin!J Process. Automatic Indexin!J, Information Extraction Data Structure: Introduction to Data Structure. Stemmin!J Als;ιorithms. Inverted File Structure. N-Gram Data Structures. ΡΑΤ Data Structure. Sis;ιnature File Structure. Hypertext and XML Data Structures. Hidden Markov Models (Chapter - 2) UNIT-111 Automatic Indexin!J : Classes of Automatic Indexin!J, Statistical Indexin!J, Natural Lans;ιuas;ιe. Concept Indexin!J, Hypertext Linkas;ιes Document and Term Clusterin!J: Introduction to Clusterins;ι, Thesaurus Generation, Item Clusterins;ι. Hierarchy of Clusters (Chapter - 3) UNIT-IV User Search Techniques: Search Statements and Bindins;ι. Similarity Measures and Rankins;ι, Relevance Feedback. Selective Dissemination of Information Search. Weis;ιhted Searches of Boolean Systems. Searchin!J the INTERNET and Hypertext Information Visualization: Introduction to Information Visualization, Cos;ιnition and Perception, Information Visualization Technolos;ιies (Chapter - 4) UNIT-V Text Search Als;ιorithms: Introduction to Text Search Techniques. Software Text Search Als;ιorithms. Hardware Text Search Systems Multimedia Information Retrieval: Spoken Lans;ιuas;ιe Audio Retrieval. Non-Speech Audio Retrieval. Graph Retrieval. Imas;ιery Retrieval. Video Retrieval (Chapter - 5)

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