Heat Transfer for GTU 18 Course (V - Mech. - 3151909 )

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1.Conduction: Fourier’s law, effect of temperature on thermal conductivity of different solids, liquids and gases,generalized equation in Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinates and its reduction to specific cases,One dimensional steady state conduction, heat conduction through plane and composite walls, cylinders and spheres, electrical analogy, critical radius of insulation for cylinder and sphere, overall heat transfer coefficient. (Chapter - 1) Heat transfer from extended surface: Types of fin, heat flow through uniform cross-sectional area fin for various cases like infinitely long fin, fin insulated at the tip and fin losing heat at the tip, efficiency and effectiveness of fin, Estimation of error in temperature measurement in a thermometer well. (Chapter - 2) Transient heat conduction: Lumped capacitance method for bodies of infinite thermal conductivity, time constant, one dimensional transient heat conduction in plane wall with finite conduction and convective resistances. (Chapter - 3) 2.Convection: Newton’s law of cooling, dimensional analysis applied to forced and free convection, dimensionless numbers and their physical significance, empirical correlations for free and forced convection, continuity, momentum and energy equations, thermal and hydrodynamic boundary layer, Blasius solution for laminar boundary layer, General solution for Von-Karman integral momentum equation. (Chapter - 4) 3.Radiation: Absorptivity, reflectivity and transmissivity, black, white and grey body, emissive power, emissivity, Kirchhoff’s law,Planck’s law, Rayleigh-Jeans’ law, Wien’s law, Wien’s displacement law, Stefan-Boltzmann law, intensity of radiation, radiation heat exchange between black bodies, shape factor, electrical analogy, radiation heat exchange between gray bodies, radiosity, irradiation, radiation shields. (Chapter - 5) 4.Heat exchanger: 5.Two Phase Heat Transfer:

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