Renewable Energy Systems for BE Anna University R17 CBCS (VII-EEE - EE8703)

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UNIT I - Renewable Energy (RE) Sources Environmental consequences of fossil fuel use, Importance of renewable sources of energy, Sustainable Design and development, Types of RE sources, Limitations of RE sources, Present Indian and international energy scenario of conventional and RE sources. UNIT II - Wind Energy Power in the Wind - Types of Wind Power Plants(WPPs) - Components of WPPs - Working of WPPs - Siting of WPPs-Grid integration issues of WPPs. UNIT III - Solar PV and Thermal Systems Solar Radiation, Radiation Measurement, Solar Thermal Power Plant, Central Receiver Power Plants, Solar Ponds - Thermal Energy storage system with PCM- Solar Photovoltaic systems: Basic Principle of SPV conversion - Types of PV Systems - Types of Solar Cells, Photovoltaic cell concepts: Cell, module, array, PV Module I-V Characteristics, Efficiency & Quality of the Cell, series and parallel connections, maximum power point tracking, Applications. UNIT IV - Biomass Energy Introduction-Bio mass resources - Energy from Bio mass: conversion processes - Biomass Cogeneration - Environmental Benefits. Geothermal Energy: Basics, Direct Use, Geothermal Electricity. Mini/micro hydro power: Classification of hydropower schemes, Classification of water turbine, Turbine theory, Essential components of hydroelectric system. UNIT V - Other Energy Sources Tidal Energy : Energy from the tides, Barrage and Non Barrage Tidal power systems. Wave Energy: Energy from waves, wave power devices. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)- Hydrogen Production and Storage - Fuel cell: Principle of working - various types - construction and applications. Energy Storage System- Hybrid Energy Systems.

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Author: [Dr. A. Shunmugalatha, M. Devaki, R. Saranya] Pages: 212 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications