Fluid Power Engineering for BE VTU Course 18 OBE & CBCS (V- Mech. -18ME55)

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Module - 1 Introduction to fluid power systems Fluid power system: components, advantages and applications. Transmission of power at static and dynamic states. Pascal’s law and its applications. Fluids for hydraulic system: types, properties, and selection. Additives, effect of temperature and pressure on hydraulic fluid. Seals, sealing materials, compatibility of seal with fluids. Types of pipes, hoses, and quick acting couplings. Pressure drop in hoses/pipes. Fluid conditioning through filters, strainers; sources of contamination and contamination control; heat exchangers. (Chapters - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Module - 2 Pumps and actuators Pumps: Classification of pumps, Pumping theory of positive displacement pumps, construction and working of Gear pumps, Vane pumps, Piston pumps, fixed and variable displacement pumps, Pump performance characteristics, pump selection factors, problems on pumps. Accumulators: Types, and applications of accumulators. Types of Intensifiers, Pressure switches /sensor, Temperature switches/sensor, Level sensor. Actuators: Classification cylinder and hydraulic motors, Hydraulic cylinders, single and double acting cylinder, mounting arrangements, cushioning, special types of cylinders, problems on cylinders. Construction and working of rotary actuators such as gear, vane, piston motors, and Hydraulic Motor. Theoretical torque, power, flow rate, and hydraulic motor performance; numerical problems. Symbolic representation of hydraulic actuators (cylinders and motors) (Chapters - 6, 7, 8, 9) Module - 3 Components and hydraulic circuit design Components Classification of control valves, Directional Control Valves-symbolic representation, constructional features of poppet, sliding spool, rotary type valves solenoid and pilot operated DCV, shuttle valve, and check valves. Module - 4 Pneumatic power systems Module - 5 Pneumatic control circuits

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Author: [Vinayak V. Gaikwad] Pages: 484 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications