Advanced Topics on Databases for BE Anna University R17 CBCS (VII - CSE /IT/Prof. Elec.-IV- CS8071)

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UNIT I Parallel and Distributed Databases Database system Architectures: Centralized and Client-Server architectures - Server System Architectures - Parallel systems- Distributed systems - Parallel databases: I/O parallelism - Inter and Intra query parallelism - Inter and Intra operation parallelism - Design of parallel systems- Distributed Database concepts - Distributed data storage - Distributed transactions - Commit protocols - Concurrency control - Distributed query processing - Case studies. (Chapter - 1) UNIT II Object and Object Relational Databases Concepts for Object Databases: Object identity - Object structure - Type constructors- Encapsulation of operations - Methods - Persistence -Type and Class hierarchies - Inheritance - Complex objects - Object Database standards, Languages and Design: ODMG model - ODL - OQL - Object Relational and Extended - Relational systems: Object Relational features in SQL/Oracle - Case studies. (Chapter - 2) UNIT III Intelligent Databases Active Databases: Syntax and Semantics (Starburst, Oracle, DB2)- Taxonomy - Applications-Design principles for active rules- Temporal databases: Overview of Temporal databases - TSQL2 - Deductive Databases: Logic of query languages - Datalog- Recursive rules-Syntax and Semantics of datalog languages- Implementation of Rules and Recursion- Recursive queries in SQL- Spatial databases- Spatial data types - Spatial relationships - Spatial data structures-Spatial access methods - Spatial DB implementation. (Chapter - 3) UNIT IV Advanced Data Models Mobile databases: Location and Handoff management - Effect of Mobility on data management - Location Dependent data distribution - Mobile transaction models -Concurrency control - Transaction Commit protocols- Multimedia databases- Information Retrieval- Data Warehousing- Data mining- Text mining. Chapter - 4) UNIT V Emerging Technologies XML databases: XML-related technologies-XML schema - XML query languages - Storing XML in databases-XML and SQL - Native XML databases - Web databases - Geographic Information Systems- Biological data management- Cloud based databases: Data storage systems on the Cloud- Cloud Storage architectures-Cloud Data models- Query languages- Introduction to Big Data-Storage-Analysis. (Chapter - 5)

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Author: [I. A. Dhotre] Pages: 208 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications