Cryptography & Network Security for Anna University R17 CBCS (VI- ECE/Prof. Elec.-II-CS8792)& (VII- CSE/IT-CS8792)

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UNIT 1 lntroduction Security trends - Leqal, Ethical and Professional Aspects of Security, Need for Security at Multiple levels, Security Policies - Model of networR security - Security attacRs, services and mechanisms - OSI security architecture - Classical encryption techniques : substitution techniques, transposition techniques, steqanoqraphy-Foundations of modern cryptoqraphy: perfect security - information theory - product cryptosystem - cryptanalysis. (Chapter - 1) UNIT 2 Symmetric Key Cryptography Mathematics of Symmetric Key Cryptoqraphy: Aiqebraic structures-Modular arithmetic - arithmetic-Euclid.s alqorithm-Conqruence and matrices-Groups, Rinqs, Fields-Finite fields- Symmetric Key Ciphers: SDES . BlocR cipher Principles of DES - Strenqth of DES - Differential and linear cryptanalysis - BlocR cipher desiqn principles - BlocR cipher mode of operation - Evaluation criteria for AES - Advanced Encryption Standard - RC4 . Key distribution. (Chapter - 2) UNIT 3 Public Key Cryptography Mathematics of Symmetric Key Cryptoqraphy : Primes - Primality Testinq - Factorization - Euler's totient function, Fermat's and Euler's Theorem - Chinese Remainder Theorem - Exponentiation and Ioqarithm-Asymmetric Key Ciphers: RSA cryptosystem-Key distribution- Key manaqement - Diffie Hellman Rey exchanqe - E!Gamal cryptosystem - Elliptic curve arithmetic - Elliptic curve cryptoqraphy. (Chapter - 3) UNIT 4 Message Authentication and lntegrity Authentication requirement-Authentication function-MAC-Hash function-Security of hash function and MAC - SHA - Diqital siqnature and authentication protocols - DSS - Entity Authentication : Biometrics, Passwords, Challenqe Response protocols - Authentication applications-Kerberos, Χ.509. (Chapter - 4) UNIT 5 Security Practice and System Security Electronic Mail security-PGP, 5/ΜΙΜΕ-ΙΡ security-Web Security-System Security: Intruders- Malicious software - viruses - Firewalls. (Chapter - 5)

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