Automobile Engineering for GTU 18 Course (VI- Mech./Prof. Elec.-III - 3161920)

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1.Introduction : Automobile classification and specification, Automobile chassis: General layout, types of layout and its arrangement, Body construction type and materials, Functional requirements of vehicle body, Body trim and fittings. (Chapter - 1) 2.Road Load Analysis : Vehicle Loads : Forces acting on vehicle in motion, Transmission efficiency, Factors affecting it. Rolling resistance, Grade resistance, tractive force with uniform speed and with acceleration of vehicle, Traction characteristic. Dynamic factor, weight transfer due to various resistance acting on a vehicle in motion. Stability of a vehicle in motion around the curve. (Chapter - 2) 3.Power Transmission systems : Clutch: Constructional features and working of single plate, multi plate, semi centrifugal and centrifugal clutch, Calculation of surface area and number of driving and driven plates. Transmission gear box : sliding mesh, constant mesh, synchromesh gearboxes and four wheel drive. Propeller shaft and Final drive : Propeller shaft, universal joints, Hotchkiss & Torque tube Drives, front drive shaft types and its construction and working, Differential gear box, rear axle. Automatic Transmission and CVT. Fault and diagnosis of power transmission system. (Chapters - 3, 4) 4.Axle, Suspension and Steering System : Axle : Classification, types of front axle, Construction, Components and their functions, types of rear axle and application. Suspension : Principle, Types of suspension systems, Functional requirements of suspension systems, types and Constructional features of Front Suspension and Rear suspension system, Spring types, Rubber and Air suspensions, Factors affecting design and selection; Analysis of Suspension system: Mobility, kinematic/graphical analysis, Roll centre analysis and force analysis. 5.Brake system 6.Wheel and Tyres 7.Electrical, Electronics and Safety systems 8.Modern Automobiles

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Pages: 492 Edition: 2024 Vendors: Technical Publications