Internet of Things for BE Anna University R17 CBCS (VII - CSE /IT/Prof. Elec.-III- CS8081)

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UNIT 1 fundamentals of ΙοΤ Evolution of Internet of Things - Enabling Technologies - ΙοΤ Architectures: oneM2M. ΙοΤ World Forum (IoTWF) and Alternative ΙοΤ models - Simplified ΙοΤ Architecture and Core ΙοΤ Functional Stack - Fog. Edge and Cloud ίη ΙοΤ - Functional blocks of an ΙοΤ ecosystem - Sensors. Actuators. Smart Objects and Connecting Smart Objects. (Chapter - 1) UNIT 11 ΙοΤ Protocols ΙοΤ Access Technologies : Physical and MAC layers. topology and Security of ΙΕΕΕ 802. Ι 5.4, 802.15.4g, 802.15.4e. 1901.2a. 802.llah and LoRaWAN - NetworR Layer: ΙΡ versions. Constrained Nodes and Constrained Networks - Optimizing ΙΡ for ΙοΤ: From 6LoWPAN to 6Lo. Routing over Low Power and Lossy Networks - Application Transport Methods : Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition -Application Layer Protocols: CoAP and MQTT. (Chapter - 2) UNIT 111 Design and Development Design Methodology - Embedded computing logic - Microcontroller. System οη Chips - ΙοΤ system building blocks - Arduino - Board details. IDE programming - Raspberry Ρί - Interfaces and Raspberry Ρί with Python Programming. (Chapter - 3) UNIT IV Data Analytics and Supporting Services Structured Vs Unstructured Data and Data ίη Motion Vs Data ίη Rest - Role of Machine Learning - Νο SQL Databases - Hadoop Ecosystem - Apache Kafka. Apache Spark - Edge Streaming Analytics and NetworR Analytics - Xively Cloud for ΙοΤ. Python Web Application FrameworR­ Django -AWS for ΙοΤ - System Management with NETCONF-YANG. (Chapter - 4) UNITV Case Studies / lndustrial Applications Cisco ΙοΤ system - ΙΒΜ Watson ΙοΤ platform - Manufacturing - Converged Plantwide Ethernet Model (CPwE) - Power Utility Industry - GridBiocks Reference Model - Smart and Connected Cities : Layered architecture. Smart Lighting. Smart Parking Architecture and Smart Traffic Control. (Chapter - 5)

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