Metal Cutting & Forming for BE VTU Course 18 OBE & CBCS (III- Mech. -18ME35B)

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Module-1 Introduction to Metal cutting : Orthogonal and oblique cutting. Classification of cutting tools : single, and multipoint; tool signature for single point cutting tool. Mechanics of orthogonal cutting; chip formation, shear angle and its significance, Merchant circle diagram. Numerical problems. Cutting tool materials and applications. Introduction to basic metal cutting machine tools : Lathe - Parts of lathe machine, accessories of lathe machine, and various operations carried out on lathe. Kinematics of lathe. Turret and Capstan lathe. (Chapters - 1, 2) Module-2 Milling : Various Milling operations, classification of milling machines, Vertical & Horizontal milling, up milling & down milling. Indexing : need of indexing, simple, compound & differential indexing. Drilling : Difference between drilling, boring & reaming, types of drilling machines. Boring operations & boring machines. Shaping, Planing and Slotting machines - machining operations and operating parameters. Grinding : Grinding operation, classification of grinding processes : cylindrical, surface & centerless grinding. (Chapters - 3, 4, 5, 6) Module-3 Introduction to tool wear, tool wear mechanisms, tool life equations, effect of process parameters on tool life, machinability. Cutting fluid-types and applications, surface finish, effect of machining parameters on surface finish. Economics of machining process, choice of cutting speed and feed, tool life for minimum cost and production time. Numerical problems. (Chapter - 7) (iv) Module-4 MECHANICAL WORKING OF METALS Introduction to metal forming processes & classification of metal forming processes. Hot working & cold working of metals. Forging : smith forging, drop forging & press forging. Forging Equipment, Defects in forging. Rolling : Rolling process, Angle of bite, Types of rolling mills, Variables of rolling process, Rolling defects. Drawing & Extrusion : Drawing of wires, rods & pipes, Variables of drawing process. Difference between drawing & extrusion. Various types of extrusion processes. (Chapter - 8) Module-5 Sheet Metal Operations : Blanking, piercing, punching, drawing, draw ratio, drawing force, variables in drawing, Trimming, and Shearing. Bending – types of bending dies, Bending force calculation, Embossing and coining. Types of dies : Progressive, compound and combination dies. (Chapter - 9)

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