Object Oriented Concepts for BE VTU Course 18 OBE & CBCS (IV- CSE - 18CS45)

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Module 1 Introduction to Object Oriented Concepts : A Review of structures, Procedure–Oriented Programming system, Object Oriented Programming System, Comparison of Object Oriented Language with C, Console I/O, variables and reference variables, Function Prototyping, Function Overloading. Class and Objects : Introduction, member functions and data, objects and functions. (Chapters-1, 2) Module 2 Class and Objects (contd) : Objects and arrays, Namespaces, Nested classes, Constructors, Destructors. Introduction to Java : Java’s magic : the Byte code; Java Development Kit (JDK); the Java Buzzwords, Object-oriented programming; Simple Java programs. Data types, variables and arrays, Operators, Control Statements. (Chapters-3, 4) Module 3 Classes, Inheritance,Exception Handling : Classes: Classes fundamentals; Declaring objects; Constructors, this keyword, garbage collection. Inheritance: inheritance basics, using super, creating multi level hierarchy, method overriding. Exception handling : Exception handling in Java. (Chapters-5, 6, 7) Module 4 Packages and Interfaces : Packages, Access Protection, Importing Packages. Interfaces. Multi Threaded Programming : Multi Threaded Programming: What are threads? How to make the classes threadable ; Extending threads; Implementing runnable; Synchronization; Changing state of the thread; Bounded buffer problems, producer consumer problems. (Chapters-8, 9) Module 5 Event Handling : Two event handling mechanisms; The delegation event model; Event classes; Sources of events; Event listener interfaces; Using the delegation event model; Adapter classes; Inner classes. Swings : Swings: The origins of Swing; Two key Swing features; Components and Containers; The Swing Packages; A simple Swing Application; Create a Swing Applet; Jlabel and ImageIcon; JTextField;The Swing Buttons; JTabbedpane; JScrollPane; JList; JComboBox; JTable. (Chapters-10, 11, 12)

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Author: [A.A.PUNTAMBEKAR] Pages: 314 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications