Linear IC Applications for JNTU-H 18 Course (II - II - ECE - EC404PC) (Decode)

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UNIT - I Integrated Circuits : Classification, chip size and circuit complexity, basic information of Op-amp, ideal and practical Op-amp, internal circuits, Op-amp characteristics, DC and AC Characteristics, 741 op-amp and its features, modes of operation-inverting, non-inverting, differential. (Chapter - 1) UNIT - II Op-amp and Applications : Basic information of Op-amp, instrumentation amplifier, ac amplifier, V to I and I to V converters, Sample & hold circuits, multipliers and dividers, differentiators and integrators, comparators, Schmitt trigger, Multivibrators, introduction to voltage regulators, features of 723. (Chapter - 2) UNIT - III Active Filters & Oscillators : Introduction, 1st order LPF, HPF filters, Band pass, Band reject and all pass filters. Oscillator types and principle of operation - RC, Wien and quadrature type, waveform generators - triangular, sawtooth, square wave and VCO. (Chapter - 3) UNIT - IV Timers & Phase Locked Loops : Introduction to 555 timer, functional diagram, monostable and astable operations and applications, Schmitt Trigger. PLL - introduction, block schematic, principles and description of individual blocks of 565. (Chapter - 4) UNIT - V D-A and A-D Converters : Introduction, basic DAC techniques, weighted resistor DAC, R-2R ladder DAC, inverted R-2R DAC, and IC 1408 DAC, Different types of ADCs - parallel comparator type ADC, counter type ADC, successive approximation ADC dual slope integration type ADC, DAC and ADC specifications. (Chapter - 5)

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Author: [A.P.Godse, U.A.Bakshi] Pages: 156 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications