Engineering Graphics for SPPU 19 Course (FE - II - Common - 102012)

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Unit - I Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing [No any question in ESE] Need of Engineering Drawing and design, Sheet layout, Line types and dimensioning and simple geometrical constructions. (Chapter - 1) Unit - II Introduction to 2D and 3D Computer Aided Drafting Packages [No any question in ESE] Evolution of CAD, Importance of CAD, Basic Commands - Edit, View, Insert, Modify, Dimensioning Commands, setting and tools etc. and its applications to construct the 2D and 3D drawings. (Chapter - 2) Unit - III Engineering Curves (12 Marks) Introduction to conic sections and its significance, various methods to construct the conic sections. Helix for cone and cylinder , rolling curves (Involutes , Cycloid) and Spiral. (Chapter - 3) Unit - IV Orthographic Projection (13 Marks) Principle of projections, Introduction to First and Third angle Projection methods, Orthographic projection of point, line, plane, solid and machine elements/parts. (Chapter - 4) Unit - V Isometric Projection (13 Marks) Introduction to isometric projection, oblique projection and perspective projection. Draw the isometric projection from the given orthographic views. (Chapter - 5) Unit - VI Development of Lateral Surfaces (12 Marks) Introduction to development of lateral surfaces and its industrial applications. Draw the development of lateral surfaces for cut section of cone, pyramid, prism etc. (Chapter - 6)

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