Power Electronics for GTU 18 Course (IV- ELECTRICAL -3140915)

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1. Power switching devices : Diode, Thyristor, MOSFET, IGBT; Static characteristics of these devices; Operation of power devices as switches and switching losses, Single-quadrant switches, two-quadrant and bidirectional switches; Firing circuit for thyristors; Gate drive circuits for MOSFET and IGBT. (Chapter - 1) 2. DC-DC Converters - Switching Voltage Regulators : Linear voltage regulator, Concept of switching voltage regulators and advantages, Operation and Principle of Basic DC-DC converter topologies like Buck, Boost and Buck-Boost converter, Various control techniques for output voltage control, Mathematical analysis for these converters for steady state, Concept of CCM and DCM and factors affecting them, Closed loop control for voltage regulation, Isolated converters : Forward converter and Flyback converter; Multi-quadrant operation of DC-DC converters; Applications. (Chapter - 2) 3. DC-AC Converters - Inverters : Classification of Inverters, Half-bridge and full-bridge single-phase voltage source inverter, switch states and instantaneous output voltage, square wave operation of the inverter, concept of average voltage over a switching cycle, bipolar sinusoidal modulation and unipolar sinusoidal modulation, modulation index and output voltage, three-phase sinusoidal modulation, Three phase bridge inverter - 180° and 120° - conduction mode, SPWM control, Third harmonic injection, SVPWM, Output voltage and frequency control, Harmonic spectrum, Harmonics and its effects, Applications. (Chapter - 3) 4. AC-DC Converters : Concept of phase control using half-wave single phase ac-dc converter, Single phase and three phase half wave and full wave, 1-phase and 3- phase half controlled and fully controlled converters, Analysis with R & RL load, Performance parameters for converters 6. Miscellaneous :

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Author: [Dr. J.S.Chitode] Pages: 374 Edition: 2021 Vendors: Technical Publications