Industrial Pharmacy I for B. Pharmacy PCI (V- BP502T) TCA PHARMA

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The book “Industrial Pharmacy-I” is written as per PCI syllabus for T.Y. B. Pharmacy course. It covers all aspects related to subject, and is written in simple and lucid language. The book is divided into 10 chapters; of which first chapter “Preformulation” is related to preformulation and its application in the development of dosage forms. The second chapter “Tablets” consist of types, formulation, preparation and evaluation of tablets. It also covers introduction, types, methods for coating of tablets and its evaluation. Chapter 3 covers all aspects related to formulation and manufacturing of Liquid Orals. Chapter 4 consist of “Capsules” where all details relating to production and manufacturing of HGCs and SGCs are explained. A brief introduction and methods for preparation of “Pellets” is covered in chapter 5. Chapter 6 “Parenteral” consists of various SVPs and LVPs, along with their introduction, formulation, production procedures, facilities and layouts. In addition to above “aseptic area and its importance” is also discussed. The chapter also covers evaluation of parenteral products. Chapter 7 “Ophthalmics” consist of introduction, formulation, manufacturing, packaging and labelling of ocular dosage forms. Chapter 8 consists of formulation and manufacturing of various “Cosmetics” like cold creams, vanishing creams, toothpastes, shampoos, hair dyes, lipsticks and sunscreens. A discussion on “Aerosol” and its components, formulation, methods of preparation, equipment and evaluation is listed in chapter 9. All the aspects related to “Packaging” of pharmaceutical products are explained in Chapter 10.

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Author: [Dr. Pravin Chaudhari, Dr. Ravindra Kamble , Shivraj Shivpuje] Pages: 512 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications