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UNIT - I Amplitude Modulation : Need for modulation, Amplitude Modulation - Time and frequency domain description, single tone modulation, power relations in AM waves, Generation of AM waves -Switching modulator, Detection of AM Waves - Envelope detector, DSBSC modulation - time and frequency domain description, Generation of DSBSC Waves - Balanced Modulators, Coherent detection of DSB-SC Modulated waves, COSTAS Loop, SSB modulation - time and frequency domain description, frequency discrimination and Phase discrimination methods for generating SSB, Demodulation of SSB Waves, principle of Vestigial side band modulation.(Chapters-1, 2) UNIT - II Angle Modulation : Basic concepts of Phase Modulation, Frequency Modulation : Single tone frequency modulation, Spectrum Analysis of Sinusoidal FM Wave using Bessel functions, Narrow band FM, Wide band FM, Constant Average Power, Transmission bandwidth of FM Wave - Generation of FM Signal- Armstrong Method, Detection of FM Signal : Balanced slope detector, Phase locked loop, Comparison of FM and AM., Concept of Pre-emphasis and de-emphasis. (Chapter-3) UNIT - III Transmitters : Classification of Transmitters, AM Transmitters, FM Transmitters. Receivers : Radio Receiver - Receiver Types - Tuned radio frequency receiver, Superhetrodyne receiver, RF section and Characteristics - Frequency changing and tracking, Intermediate frequency, Image frequency, AGC, Amplitude limiting, FM Receiver, Comparison of AM and FM Receivers. (Chapter-4) UNIT - IV Pulse Modulation : Types of Pulse modulation- PAM, PWM and PPM. Comparison of FDM and TDM. Pulse Code Modulation : PCM Generation and Reconstruction, Quantization Noise, Non-Uniform Quantization and Companding, DPCM, Adaptive DPCM, DM and Adaptive DM, Noise in PCM and DM. (Chapter-5) UNIT - V Digital Modulation Techniques : ASK- Modulator, Coherent ASK Detector, FSK- Modulator, Non-Coherent FSK Detector, BPSK- Modulator, Coherent BPSK Detection. Principles of QPSK, Differential PSK and QAM. Baseband Transmission and Optimal Reception of Digital Signal : A Baseband Signal Receiver, Probability of Error, Optimum Receiver, Coherent Reception, ISI, Eye Diagrams. (Chapter-6)

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Author: [A.P.GODSE, J.S.Chitode] Pages: 204 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications