Management for MSBTE I Scheme (VI - Common- 22509)

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Unit - I Introduction to management concepts and managerial skills. 1.1 Definitions of management, role and importance of management. 1.2 Management characteristics and principles, levels of management and their functions; management, administration and organization relation between management and administration. 1.3 Functions of management : planning, organizing, leading / directing, staffing and controlling. 1.4 Types of planning and steps in planning. 1.5 Types of organization, Steps in organizing. 1.6 Functional areas of management. 1.7. Managerial skills. Unit - II Planning and organizing at supervisory level Planning at supervisory level 2.1 Planning by supervisor. 2.2 Planning activities, detailing and following of each step. 2.3 Prescribing standard forms for various activities. 2.4 Budgeting for materials and manpower. Organizing at supervisory level 2.5 Organizing the physical resources. 2.6 Matching human need with job needs. 2.7 Allotment of tasks to individuals and establishing relationship among persons working in a group. Unit - III Directing and Controlling at supervisory level Directioning at supervisory level 3..1 Needs for directions and instructions to subordinates ; Completeness and feasibilities of instructions. 3.2 Personal counselling advanced predictions of possible mistakes. 3.3 Elaborating decisions, laying disciplinary standards in overall working. Controlling at supervisory level 3.4 Managerial control ; Understanding team and link between various departments in respect of process ands quality standards; Steps in control process. 3.5 Controlling methods; Control over the performance in respect of quality, quantity of production, time and cost. Measuring performance, comparing with standards, correcting unfavorable deviations. Unit-IV Safety Management 4.1 Need for safety management measures. 4.2 General safety norms for an industrial unit; Preventive measures. 4.3 Definition of accident, types of industrial accident; Causes of accidents. 4.4 Fire hazards; Fire drill. 4.5 Safety procedure. 4.6 Work permits. Unit-V Legislative Acts 5.1 Necessity of acts, Important definition and Main provisions of acts. 5.2 industrial Acts : a. Indian Factory Act b. Industrial Dispute Act c. Workman Compensation Act d. Minimum Wages Act

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Author: [V. S. Bagad] Pages: 56 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications